Why Use Online Video?

In the past people were forced to use text and photos to explain a company, service, or product. Websites evolved over time but were still limited to photos and text only. There is a shift taking place today in website design and usage that is occurring right in front of our eyes. This shift is a metamorphosis from text/photos based websites to video infused ultra dynamic websites. By adding videos website owners can now explain their message clearly, cut down confusion, and increase conversion rates.

So, why use video? The reason, “because my competitor is doing it” may not justify it for today’s marketer. More and more people realize that it’s effective, easy to implement, more affordable than ever before and can increase sales revenue, brand recognition and online conversions when done professionally.

Video communication connects with viewers in a multi-sensory way using sight and sound. It speaks to all our senses. It allows viewers to absorb more information much faster and take action. With crisp audio and clear visual presentation, video can invoke an emotional response to your brands website more effectively than text and graphics resulting in a more powerful “call to action.” And this ultimately yields an increased ROI on marketing and communication dollars. More than any other medium, online video alters our paradigms, and changes the way we communicate our message. Consequently, this supercharged medium is changing the way we do business by allowing the user to react immediately to the video message.

“10 to 15% of shoppers who look at videos go on to click and buy. Without the videos, we get about a 1.5% conversion rate. The videos may be costly and a lot of work, but have helped increase sales over 200%.”

—U Wash Doggie

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