The Evolution Of Tv and Video

Matthew Productions has been using Video advertising to spearhead brand advertising since 1988. Billions of dollars are spent in TV advertising each year to support brands and create strong connections with consumers. The shifts in marketing budgets online are reflections that marketers are finding a less expensive way to achieve the same result; or, in many cases a supercharged results. Video can now be used online with all the same benefits achieved on TV, but with the added tracking functionality that is available online. When a business marketed themselves on TV they typically used a video format, because it was available. It’s rare to see a commercial with only text and photos. The reason? Quite simply, because video is much more engaging and effective. This same rationale applies online. Historically, website owners were forced to explain their message through text and photos. Today, the capability is there for a website to be completely infused with video. And the ones that are taking advantage of this powerful new medium online, are the businesses that are increasing appeal and creating a more effective website experience. But most importantly, they’re also supercharging their results and improving their bottom line.

“Spending on U.S. online video media advertising is expected to total $805 million by 2010, up 45% from $555 million this year.”

—US Today

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