The Power Of Online Video

Online video has revolutionized the way businesses use the internet to advertise, educate and inform their prospects, customers and investors. Streaming video content has now become easier, more effective and more affordable and is replacing the text and still graphic design templates of yesterday. according to eMarketer’s report, 2008 “…represents a mass-market benchmark, as more than 50% of the US population – 155.2 million people – will watch video online. “ with an increase in US online video on the rise, the next 4 years are forecasted to demonstrate a spending growth rate of 40% year over year. these impressive projections illustrate that video has already been embraced by thousands of businesses, from your small mom and pop shop to your Fortune 500 conglomerate. online video is here…and if you’re not employing some sort of video product on your site today, your competitors probably are.

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